about chewing scum

Years ago I found three pieces of chewing gum so neatly arranged in the corner of some steps, I decided to collect and document more discarded chewing gum.

The three grouped pieces of gum moved me in the sense that I, for the first time, actually noticed discarded chewing gum, seeing it as a result of human behaviour, but most of all as an aesthetic object on it’s own, being further formed by the ‘after mouth life’ – imprints, weather, surroundings, ants, etc. I was struck by it’s beauty. Since then I just could not not see them anymore, wherever I go. For me the streets are now packed with chewing scum, unseen and under appreciated, but hidden treasures in my opinion.

The project got a boost when Instagram featured chewing scum in it’s own feed, resulting in thousands extra Instagram followers in just one day and diverse media requests and publications.

Currently the chewing scum series consists of nearly 4,000 photos and is growing daily.

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